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Free Training to Upgrade Your PowerPoint Skills

As I've mentioned many times, PowerPoint, when done well, can enhance a presentation. When done poorly, it can capsize your pitch. Want to learn more about how to master some of PowerPoint's more engaging features, like working with photos, video, charts, and diagrams, as well as sharing and broadcasting it when you're done?

The PowerPoint Skills Builder is a new site filled with video lessons. Each lesson appears as a filmstrip, with multiple videos appearing as each frame of the strip. There are a lot of fairly short videos here -- currently, about two dozen -- but you don't need to remember where you left off between visits. The site tracks your progress, leaving a checkmark on each video that you watch.

There's good stuff here, with detailed screencast videos explaining everything you need to know to build engaging PowerPoint decks with photos, video, and diagrams, and how to broadcast the show when it's complete.

Here's to hoping that Microsoft continues building up these tutorials in the future, for a complete end-to-end course in PowerPoint. [via PowerPoint Blog]

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