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Free Photo Prints....Online

When it comes to attracting attention…business people know there's no better word than free. Usually free….isn't all it's cracked up to be. But in this case, we've found a service on the Web that will develop your film, send you prints and negatives…and store digital copies of your pictures online….for free. Really? Well there are shipping costs, but they amount to just a dollar sixty nine a roll. The site is Company president Rajil Kapoor…

"We've taken the entire world of film developing, which in most cases is the largest expense in taking pictures, and made it free by doing it online. Any future reprints they would like to order or the friends and family that they share pictures with online that you can order directly from Snapfish, because we have high resolution images of each picture that's up there."
The mailers to send your film in are prepaid. You are limited to 24 rolls of film developed and printed for free per year. How do they do it? By selling re-prints, an 8 by 10 is less than three dollars….and by targeting ads…

"So when you give us a roll of film we can ask you a few questions like what your purchasing habits are. And if you're in the process of buying a car in the next six months maybe we can serve up an advertisement from General Motors or someone."
Kapoor says they don't sell the personal data. You can find more on net freebies at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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