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Fred Thompson Responds To CBS Story

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(CHAMPION, PA.) – Earlier today, Fred Thompson blasted Barack Obama on John McCain's behalf and introduced Sarah Palin as "the most remarkable success story in the history of American politics."

I thought that was overstating the case a bit; Thompson disagreed, and wrote me to say so.

"Seems as if, all of a sudden, some of my old buddies over at CBS have become very sensitive to what they consider to be hyperbole on the presidential campaign trail. Imagine that," Thompson wrote, referring to me pointing out that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt have rather remarkable success stories, too.

"I didn't realize that the mainstream media considered winning the Revolutionary War and freeing the slaves to be political events. But, nevertheless, it just occurs to me that this woman went from the PTA to becoming the vice presidential nominee, and along the way became Governor."

Thompson goes on to say that Palin "defeated... the big oil companies" and reformed energy policies in Alaska, and that if she were a Democrat, the media would be much more interested. "If she'd been a liberal woman doing all this, CBS and the other networks would already be fighting over the rights to create a television series about her."

Thompson doesn't specify what kind of television series he has in mind, but one can suppose it would be part of the "Law and Order" franchise.

If you'd like to listen to Thompson's full statement, .