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Man admits killing French woman in drunken shooting "game" involving hunting rifle, bullet-proof vest

Bordeaux, France — A man in southwest France has been arrested after apparently killing a woman during a drunken game in which she put on a bullet-proof vest and was shot at.

The body of the woman, a mother of three aged 47, was found on Saturday in the village of Montpon-Menesterol in the Dordogne region.

According to the local prosecutor, the suspect has admitted using his hunting rifle on Friday night "during a game in which she (the victim) put on a bullet-proof vest before being shot at."

The 55-year-old shooter turned himself into police in a "severe state of drunkenness" on Saturday.

The charges in the highly unusual case are set to be determined on Monday, prosecutor Solene Belaouar added.

Two other men present at the dinner party on Friday night, aged 18 and 20, have also been detained for questioning.

The woman is believed to have died from a stomach wound.­

CBS News' Elaine Cobbe says that under France's strict gun laws, adults can own hunting rifles and shotguns, with a license. Handgun licensing is even stricter, limited to people who can demonstrate that they required such a firearm for security reasons.

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