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Fracking caused Pa. earthquakes, state regulators say

2/17: MoneyWatch
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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania environmental regulators say there’s a likely correlation between a natural gas company’s fracking operation and a series of minor earthquakes in western Pennsylvania last year.

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection revealed its findings Friday.

Fracking may pose threat to drinking water, EPA says 03:39

The quakes were recorded in April in Lawrence County, about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh and three-quarters of a mile from a natural gas well owned by Houston-based Hilcorp Energy. They were too weak to be felt by humans and no damage was reported.

Fracking is a method to extract gas or oil from underground shale rock. It has been tied to earthquakes in neighboring Ohio and other states, but never in Pennsylvania, the nation’s No. 2 natural gas-producing state.

Hilcorp stopped fracking at the well pad after the quakes.

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