Forum Member, Claiming to be ISI Member, Seeks Info On Weapon's Detector Used by U.S. Army

A member of a militant Islamist Internet forum, claiming to be "a soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq," posted a message today, requesting information on an the arms' detection system used by the U.S. and Iraqi forces in certain parts of Iraq. "The device used by the Americans in Retba, Fallujah, and Ramadi doesn't detect anything because I once went through it carrying a D- 30, a smaller device, and a gun…it didn't detect them," the member wrote on al Hesba forum. "The other device used by ING and Peshmarga forces in al Ameriyah, al Jaderiyah, and al-Sidiyah can detect even small arms…we need a picture of this device and as much information as you could find," he added.