Former WikiLeaks Activists to Launch New Site


A group of former WikiLeaks activists are planning to launch a new whistleblowing website in mid-December, according to German newspaper Die Tageszeitung, reports Spiegel Online.=>

The activists want to take a broader approach from WikiLeaks, which they think concentrates too much on the U.S.

Die Tageszeitung reports that the group does not want the website to be seen as a competitor to WikiLeaks, but as a different approach.

"As many people as possible should have access to as many documents as possible," the former Germany spokesman for WikiLeaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, told the newspaper.

Domscheit-Berg criticized WikiLeaks for concentrating on publishing material about the U.S. while other information was neglected. "There was a lack of transparency about how decisions had been reached," he told the newspaper. Special Report: WikiLeaks

"That's why I trust this organization as little as I would trust another organization with similar problems."

Domscheit-Berg chronicled his experience with WikiLeaks in a book titled, "Inside WikiLeaks," which will be published in German by the Berlin-based publisher Econ Verlag in January 2011.

Meanwhile, legal pressure also increased on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after Swedish authorities revised a warrant for his arrest in response to procedural questions from British officials.

British law enforcement authorities have refused to say if or when Assange would be arrested. His lawyers have said they believe they would be notified of any move to arrest him but had yet to be served with a warrant as of Friday afternoon.

The 39-year-old Australian is wanted on allegations of rape and other sex crimes that emerged after a trip to Sweden in August.