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Former Olympic gymnast Paul Hamm arrested for assault

Paul Hamm WBNS

(CBS/WBNS/AP) COLUMBUS, Ohio - Former Olympian and current Ohio State assistant gymnastics coach Paul Hamm was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting a taxi driver then wrestling with a police officer late Saturday night.

According to police, Hamm took a taxi from the Arena District in downtown Columbus to his home. The report states that Hamm fell asleep in the cab and when the driver woke him up at his destination Hamm refused to pay the $23 cab fare, reports CBS affiliate WBNS.

Abdinasir Elmi, the cab driver, said he was trying to help Hamm open the window. That is when Hamm allegedly  hit him.

"I was trying to help him to open the window and he said '(expletive) you' and he hit me with his elbow on my mouth," said Elmi, reports the staton.

According to the report, after an argument, Hamm damaged a window of the cab and punched and kicked Elmi.

The driver then called police. When they arrived, police said they struggled to get Hamm under control.

In video released by police, Hamm was heard talking with a police officer.

"All the sudden, looking at my wallet and I'm looking at a situation, I don't have my ID," Hamm said.

The officer then replied, "That's cause I have it man. You gave it to me less than 5 minutes ago."

When the officer asked Hamm how many drinks he had consumed, Hamm said he had "probably eight drinks."

During the arrest, an officer on the scene used his police radio to call for assistance. The officers tried to gain control of Hamm. Hamm was heard on the video saying, "You guys are so funny. You guys have no idea. I'm going to kill you guys."

Hamm is charged with assault, criminal damaging and for not paying for a service.

Hamm was a three-time Olympic medalist. He won the all-around competition at the 2004 Olympic Games. Hamm returned to Ohio State, where he and twin brother Morgan earned their degrees and trained for the Beijing Olympics, earlier this summer as an assistant to the new coach.

Ohio State University said it was aware of Hamm's arrest and will allow due process. The university will then determine a course of action.