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For Florida Georgia Line it's all about their "Old Camp"

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are the men behind one of country music's most popular duos ever. 

The two make up the genre-bending group known as Florida Georgia Line. Over the past few years, the pair has dominated not just country music airwaves, but crossed over to pop and hip-hop fans. It was their 2012 single "Cruise" featuring rapper Nelly, that helped them gain international fame. 

Today, the duo finds success partially due to their collaborations with groups like The Chainsmokers and The Backstreet Boys. The '90s boy band is currently on tour with the country duo as part of their "Smooth" tour. 

Florida Georgia Line's schedule off-stage is just as busy as it is when they are performing. The pair recently opened up their own restaurant in Nashville and launched their own brand of whiskey called Old Camp. The name is a tribute to the pair's inner circle, who they refer to as "old camp."

CBS News recently caught up with Brian Kelley to talk about the group's successes ahead of their performance at the annual CMA Fest in Nashville.

You have received awards and praise for your work recently. What has the past year been like for you two?

It's been another journey, another wave that me, Tyler, our fans and friends have all just hopped on. It is the coolest feeling in the world. We put a lot of time, creative thoughts and team building into our work. There are just so many things always going on for us. We spend hours meeting fans each week, it's very busy but super fun. There was a time when Tyler and I weren't busy and we dreamed of being busy, so it's all just a blessing. 

I imagine it is surreal to have your own restaurant alongside so many iconic sites in Nashville.

It is just a blessing. All these cool things happening for Tyler and our families in a way continues to keep us grounded and humble. We are super thankful to be living out our dreams in so many ways everyday. We just try to work hard and really credit our good team around us. With great people you do great things. We just try to continue with that motto each day. As we are creating we just try to keep it organic and fun, so it is a dream come true. 

BOSTON, MA - JULY 07: Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys, Chris Lane and Nelly pose for a snapshot backstage at the Florida Georgia Line's sold-out show at Fenway Park on July 7, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts as part of THE SMOOTH TOUR 2017 show. Jason Kempin

You two picked up a Country Music Television award earlier this summer for your song "H.O.L.Y." You sing this song with such emotion every time you're performing. Can you talk about what this song means for you both?

Yeah it is just a spiritual love song. I mean love is a spiritual thing and has taken us to places we never thought we could go. Music elevates everything. If you are sad you can write a sad or a happy song -- you can connect either way. So for "H.O.L.Y.,"  it was just a marriage between the music and the melody and it was just perfect. We were instantly blown away when we received it. It is such a powerful song. If it looks like we are connecting to it on stage, we really are. It is a natural musical love high every time we sing that song. 

It seems like the country music community is a very close-knit group of artists. How has being included in it helped elevate your career?

Yeah it is amazing. I think Tyler and I felt like family with the country community instantly. We have also felt it with all music everywhere. The Backstreet Boys, Nelly and everyone has been very nice to us. We heard about the country community before being in it, but you know it is very true. It's a cool thing. It has become a brotherhood with our office buddies and some of our girl friends have inspired us and our wives. So there is a really cool energy that propels everyone forward.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line launch their Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey on August 4, 2016 in Holmdel City.  Rick Diamond

Are there any artists you have not yet collaborated with that you are hoping to in the future?

I think we'd love to collaborate with Drake, Rihanna, Lil' Wayne. Lil' Waryne is definitely one of our all time favorites.

Finally, why whiskey? How does your brand represent you two?

We always want our creations to be organic. We knew we wanted to create a whiskey. It has always been a post/pre-show ritual for FGL since the early days so we already felt like mini connoisseurs. So we just kind of enjoyed it and wanted to give our fans a little taste of who we are. Old Camp is something we have always called our team when we're out on the road. Our crew is old camp and so we wanted it to live on for a long time even after we're gone.

You can see Florida Georgia Line perform during the CMA Fest broadcast on August 16th on ABC. 

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