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Food to Go... On the Net

Maybe you're carrying this web surfing stuff to the extreme. Or maybe you're just too busy to cook or enjoy a nice restaurant. A web site called will cater to your needs. Actually what the site does is help you find delivery or take out joints near you....

"They go onto the web site, we ask them to actually register which is a very quick process. It's just a matter of giving the web site your name and address so we know where you are. You enter your address, at that point our software is designed to pinpoint you, exactly where you are and it knows what time it what it does is it shows you only those restaurants that are either within your vicinity for delivery or within a specified radius that you choose for take out."'s David Gilcreast. You can choose by cuisine, browse the menus and even order right from your screen.

"We transmit the order to the restaurant and the customer gets an email back confirming the order. That whole process takes about seven minutes."
You will have to get up to answer the door when the delivery gets there. So far, has listings in about a dozen major metropolitan areas.

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