Florida Win or Loss, Rudy Will Go On

From Ryan Corsaro:

BOCA RATON, FLA. -- Asked if he will forge on if he doesn't win Tuesday's Florida primary, the keystone of his election strategy, Rudy Giuliani says "I'm going to continue my campaign."

"I have no plans to end my campaign," he told reporters after a rally in Boca Raton, where the former mayor summarized his qualifications and views for why he should be the Republican nominee.

"Of course I anticipate winning Florida, because I don't go into a campaign anticipating losing," he said while standing alongside his state chairman, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum.

"I have no reason to not anticipate winning."

He was asked if he had made a strategic mistake by centralizing his focus on Florida, Giuliani said he didn't.

But despite slipping in the polls in recent weeks in the Sunshine State, Giuliani remained optimistic about his chances of winning.

Giuliani said the polls recently have been "all over the place," citing some where he was second behind Romney or McCain, and one where he says he still leads.

"I think we are good shape here and for an election night as fluid as this, we have very good chance."