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Fla. teen in murder case now charged in separate attempted murder

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. --A week after two Florida teens were charged with murdering a man during a robbery, one of the suspects faces charges in a separate attempted murder, reports CBS affiliate WKRG.

Bryan Robinson, 16, was already in custody, along with 17-year-old Tyzick Wall, for the murder of Stephen Gorney, when the alleged victim of an attempted murder came forward, reports the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper.

Robinson and Wall were arrested on April 28 after police discovered Gorney's decomposing body. On Tuesday, police filed new charges against Robinson and arrested 16-year-old Kyle Dutcher in connection with the alleged attempted murder.

The Citrus County Chronicle reports that the victim told detectives that the the attackers were angry about a relationship the victim had with a mutual acquaintance.

Detectives said Robinson and Dutcher, 16, took the teenage victim into the woods in March, beating him and shooting him in the head. Deputies said the bullet grazed the victim's scalp, and the suspects tried repeatedly to shoot him "but the weapon would not fire."

"The male victim did not report the crime because he was told by Robinson and Dutcher that they would kill him if he told anyone," deputies said.