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Florence Henderson’s eclectic post-”Brady Bunch” career

From 2010: Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson made a name for herself playing Carol Brady, but that’s far from the whole story on her career. 

The Broadway veteran, singer, talk show host and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant stayed active right up until her death Thursday at the age of 82 -- and she was never shy about celebrating the role that made her a household name. 

But Henderson’s choices in roles -- especially her one-of cameo appearances -- revealed her sophisticated and irreverent sense of humor and approach to celebrity. She reprised her role as Carol Brady countless times, both in “Brady Bunch” spin-off TV movies and series as well in more satirical contexts, like “The Love Boat.”

Henderson also appeared as other characters on the ‘70s and ‘80s guest-star-happy cruise series numerous times during its run. She also made memorable guest appearances in “Murder She Wrote,” “Roseanne,” “Ally McBeal,” “The King of Queens,” “Fantasy Island” and “The Cleveland Show,” among others.

She even helped “Weird Al” Yankovic spoof Coolio with his “Amish Paradise” video. 

Her final performance is due to premiere in 2017, starring alongside Pam Grier in the independent film “Grandmother’s Murder Club,” following a cameo in 2016’s parody film “Fifty Shades of Black.” 

But Henderson’s most popular role post-”Brady Bunch” turned out to be herself. She hosted numerous daytime talk and cooking shows, co-anchored the short-lived “Today” show spin-off “Later Today” and competed on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010. She also returned to the show numerous times during the most recent season to cheer on her TV daughter, Maureen McCormack, who played Marcia Brady. 

Henderson even appeared at the reality series’ 2016 finale, just days before her death. 

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