Fla. convicts back in custody but who helped them escape?

Two convicted killers - Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker - are back in custody after escaping a Florida prison using forged documents

(CBS News) Two convicted killers who escaped a Florida prison using forged documents are back in custody after being captured at a Panama City Beach motel. And now police are searching for whoever helped the pair con their way out of prison.

One Fla. prison escapee tried phony document trick before

Authorities capture 2 escaped Fla. convicts, more arrests expected

Investigators don't know yet how Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker pulled it off. One possibility is that the forged court orders were bought for $8,000.

The two men were convicted murderers sentenced to life behind bars with no chance of parole. But prison officials, fooled by forged court orders, actually walked them to freedom.

The mistake shook up the men's family members as well as their victim's families.

"I was afraid because maybe he would try to come here," said Evangelina Kearse.

Kearse's son, Celdric Slater, was murdered by Charles Walker in 1999. On October 12, she got a victim's letter telling her Walker had been released early. So, she called the authorities.

"I was surprised," she said. "And anger came over me. The court system had let me down."

Henry Pearson, the uncle of escapee Joseph Jenkins, felt let down, too. He raised Jenkins like a son.

"Unfortunately... things that really appear too good to be true, you know, you probably want to check them out again," he said.

Pearson got a call from prison officials and drove 300 miles to pick up his newly-freed nephew. But then, the police came looking for Jenkins.

Investigators have seized computers and printers from the prison where the prisoners escaped and both men will become inmates in a new facility.

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