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Fixing The Democratic Breach

My blog posting of Monday prompted this quick response from Brendan Daly, press secretary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I asked for and was given his permission to reprint it and would love readers' thoughts on same.

Hi Bonnie:

Saw your blog the other day. Agree that Obama will need Clinton supporters in a big way in November. Just wanted to see these points we are sending today on the need for unity and how the primary process has been good for the party and how we are in good shape heading into November.

All best.


-- Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will serve as chair of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, applauds the electoral process that has brought in millions of new voters who have energized our party and are crucial to our victory in November.

-- We have two outstanding candidates for President, Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama, who have attracted the support of 35 million voters. Both represent historic firsts in our electoral process--for women and for African-Americans.

-- We have seen record turnout from all parts of America, including new voters, women voters, African-American voters, Hispanic voters, and young voters.

-- Throughout this long process, the Speaker has worked to provide critical leadership focused on the needs of the party--to win the November elections--to bring a new direction for the American people.

-- The Speaker is focused on expanding our majority in the House and ensuring a big Democratic victory in November. We are on track to do that--Democratic Party identification is up more than 11 percent over Republican Party identification and this spring, we won three special election victories in House districts formerly held by Republicans.

-- We will work quickly to keep this momentum going as House Democrats will work together with our presidential nominee to put a Democrat in the White House and strengthen our majority in the Congress.


By Bonnie Erbe

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