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Five Unusual Ways to Use Evernote

evernote21.jpgA while back we posted seven ways to be productive with Evernote, the information-management service that's been so popular with Business Hacks readers. Over at the Cranking Widgets Blog, they've rounded up five inventive, slightly unusual ways to put Evernote to good use, including:

PDF Warehouse I find myself receiving a pretty regular stream of PDF documents from fellow bloggers and friends, either for review or as a way of promoting their new product. I also have access to a handful of application and programming-language reference books. Currently, only the Mac version of Evernote supports importing and indexing PDF files, but the Windows version will still happily accept and sync them.
The author also offers an interesting explanation for why some users have trouble getting started with Evernote: They're not sure how to use the service. "The canvas is too blank," he writes. I admit it: That's been exactly my stalling point.

What about you? Are you using Evernote? If so, how? Share your suggestions in the Comments.

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