Five of Chile's Rescued Miners See Wedding Bells

Yonni Barrios, 50, hugs his mistress, Susana Valenzuela, after exiting and becoming the twentieth miner to be rescued from the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile on October 13, 2010.
Esteban Rojas and his wife kneels down to pray after the ending of his rescue from the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile on October 13, 2010.

It looks like wedding bells are in the future for five of Chile's rescued miners.

The five got down on bended knee, some proposing to their girlfriends and others recommitting to their wives, during a gathering in the town of Caldera along Chile's northern coast Tuesday, reports

The party marked the first public reunion for the 33 miners since their dramatic rescue last week.

"After these 10 years we've spent together, now it's time for us to get married," miner Claudio Yanez told girlfriend Cristina Nunez.

The 69 days underground also rekindled romance in already married couples. Twenty-five years after being wed in a civil ceremony, Esteban Rojas wrote a note to his wife promising to exchange vows in a church.

"I told my wife that if I got out of there alive, I'd get married in a church," Rojas said.

His wife, Jessica Yanez joked that she's "still got the letter" to hold him to it.

The love lives of the miners has become somewhat of an interesting sidebar following their ordeal. During their time underground, 50-year-old Yonni Barrios' long-term extramarital relationship was exposed when both his wife and girlfriend appeared at the mine site.

Marta Salinas, Barrios' wife of 28 years, later refused to show up during the rescue. His girlfriend, Susana Valenzuela, greeted him instead.

But now there is even a report from British daily the Telegraph that Barrios was juggling a third woman. Valenzuela said during an interview with Colombian radio that she had to stop the second mistress - a 25-year-old woman - from visiting Barrios in the hospital.

"He is my Yonni Barrios - mine and no one else's," Valenzuela said, according to the report.