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5 family members charged after teen weighing 56 pounds found dead

PERRY, Iowa – Five members of an extended family are charged in connection with the death of a a teen girl who weighed 56 pounds, reports CBS affiliate KCCI.

The girl's adoptive parents, Marc and Misty Ray, were on a trip to Disney World when 15-year-old Sabrina Ray was found dead May 12, reports the Des Moines Resgister. They are charged with kidnapping, child endangerment resulting in death and child neglect. KCCI reports that couple ran a day care out of their home called Rays of Sunshine and took in foster children.

Justin Dale Ray (right) is accused of "drop-kicking" his 56-pound adoptive sister down the basement stairs and kicking her in the face KCCI

Sabrina's adopted brother, Justin Dale Ray, 21, is accused of "drop-kicking" the girl down the stairs sometime between May 1 and May 12. The station reports that according to court documents, the ensuing fall rendered the girl unable to walk, talk, eat or drink.

According to a teen who once lived with the Ray's, it wasn't the first time Sabrina Ray was abused.

Marco Mendez, 19, told KCCI that he was placed in Marc and Misty Ray's foster home four years ago and that he watched them terrorize Sabrina Ray for months

"(Sabrina) was really sweet," Mendez said.

Mendez said Sabrina Ray endured intense physical abuse at the hands of her adoptive parents and claims that Marc and Misty Ray would keep her from eating. 

"Sabrina would take the trash out," Mendez said. "She would be so hungry that she would eat out of the garbage. Like old food. Trash (that) has probably been there like a week."

Mendez said he was allowed to eat in the home, but he reported Sabrina Ray's abuse to the Iowa Department of Human Services.

"They would always make sure they were eating at the time when the DHS worker was showing up there, but they never had a spot at the table or anything," Mendez said.

The Iowa DHS told the station it does not comment on child abuse investigations, but said, "We are taking a comprehensive review of our child welfare system and want to assure the public of our commitment to protecting vulnerable children."

According to court documents, Misty Ray's mother, Carla Rae Bousman, 62, is accused of confining Sabrina and two other foster children in the Ray home. Misty Ray's niece, Josie Bousman, 20, who also reportedly lived in the home, is charged with aiding and abetting kidnapping, aiding and abetting child endangerment causing death, and obstruction.

Perry Police Chief Eric Vaughn said the investigation into the case is ongoing, but that he believes the main people involved in Sabrina's death are behind bars.

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