First iPhone 3G Reviews: Mossberg: Battery 'Significant Problem'; Pogue: Limited 3G, Good Audio

This story was written by Staci D. Kramer.
Two majorand somewhat mixediPhone 3G consumer reviews tonight in advance of Friday's second-gen rollout. The NYT's David Pogue and WSJ's Walt Mossberg find a lot to praise in what really isn't a very different phone but each also sees some drawbacks that could be showstoppers for some.

-- For iPhone, the 'New' Is Relative :  Pogue likes the improved audio quality "which has taken a gigantic step forward. You sound crystal clear to your callers, and they sound crystal clear to you. In fact, few cellphones sound this good.

-- Software and Online Store Will Widen Its Versatility, There Are Hidden Costs: Mossberg: "I've been testing the iPhone 3G for a couple of weeks, and have found that it mostly keeps its promises."

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By Staci D. Kramer