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First Brother-In-Law Says Family Wasn't Sold On Campaign

[Arden Farhi of the CBS News digital team sat down with Craig Robinson, the head basketball coach for Oregon State University and brother to incoming First Lady Michelle Obama to talk about the 2008 presidential campaign. Here's his report:]

When first-term senator Barack Obama announced his campaign for the presidency of the United States way back in February of 2007, critics called him green; that he wasn't ready for a grueling campaign or the Oval Office.

One of those critics was his wife, says Craig Robinson, the President-Elect's brother in law.

"When I first heard about Barack running for president, I might have been one of the few people in my family that was all for it," says Robinson.

"My sister and my mom were against it," Robinson says, referring to Michelle Obama and their mom Marian Robinson. "Barack asked me to talk to my sister and my mom because there was no way he could undertake something of this magnitude without having both of them on board."

Robinson has spent much of the last year campaigning on behalf of his sister's husband, holding events in Oregon, speaking at the Democratic National Convention and appearing on stage at the Obama victory rally in Chicago on election night.

The campaign was a family affair, says Robinson. "We all agreed to help out with this, we just didn't realize he would win."

Last week I sat down with Robinson at a hotel in Washington, DC. Robinson is in his first year as head men's basketball coach at Oregon State University and takes over a team that did not win a single game in its conference last year.

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