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The Saturday Six: Fireball lawsuit, Tennessee student gets a robotic hand and more

M&M's removes "spokescandies" from branding
M&M's "spokescandies" removed from marketing in favor of SNL alum Maya Rudolph 07:08

The weekend is finally here.

During a busy news week, Panic at the Disco announced they were splitting up, water allegedly from Disney World's Splash Mountain popped up for sale on Ebay after the ride closed and dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River for the first time in years.  

Panic! At The Disco In Concert - Sacramento, CA
Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco performs in support of the band's "Pray for the Wicked" release at Golden 1 Center on February 20, 2019 in Sacramento, California. / Getty Images

Also, Oscar nominations were announced, we learned about pitfalls that could delay your tax refund and the world mourned the deaths of Sesame Street co-creator Lloyd Morrisett and Randy Gonzalez of TikTok's Enkyboys. 

But that's not nearly all. 

Below is our weekly Saturday Six, a recap of half a dozen news stories — in no particular order — ranging from the heartfelt to the weird to the tragic, and everything in between. 

  • M&M's put its spokescandies on "indefinite pause" in wake of uproar over changes to the green M&M. From the story: The company said Monday they now see "even a candy's shoes can be polarizing," which was the last thing they wanted. Therefore, they've decided to take an "indefinite pause" from the spokescandies, and in their place, actress Maya Rudolph will become spokesperson. Watch more in the video above.
  • Archaeologists uncovered a golden secret inside mouth of 17th-century socialite "who did not have a good reputation." From the story: Scientists have discovered the long-buried secret of a 17th-century French aristocrat 400 years after her death: she was using gold wire to keep her teeth from falling out.
  • Tennessee students created a robotic hand for a new classmate. From the story: With access to online models and a 3D printer, the group — which didn't even know if their plan would work — hit a home run. Using the prosthetic, Peralta was able to catch a baseball with his right hand for the first time.
  • Some consumers say tip requests are getting out of hand. From the story: Some fed-up consumers are posting rants on social media complaining about tip requests at drive-thrus, while others say they're tired of being asked to leave a gratuity for a muffin or a simple cup of coffee at their neighborhood bakery. What's next, they wonder — are we going to be tipping our doctors and dentists, too?
  • A study suggested the Earth's inner core may be spinning in the other direction. From the story: Earth's inner core, a hot iron ball the size of Pluto, has stopped spinning in the same direction as the rest of the planet and might even be rotating the other way, research suggested on Monday.
  • Lastly, a lawsuit is alleging that Fireball Cinnamon mini bottles are "misleading" because they don't contain whiskey. From the story: In fact, the drink is a malt beverage flavored to taste like whiskey, much to the dismay of Anna Marquez — the Illinois woman who is suing Sazerac Company, the maker of Fireball, for "misleading" packaging.

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