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Find your next job with help from Glassdoor

As you've heard many times before (and we just reminded you yesterday), your weak ties -- friends of friends -- are the most common way people find out about new opportunities like job openings. But despite the power of weak ties, taking advantage of that resource is usually pretty random and ad-hoc. Applying for a job? You probably have absolutely no idea if any of your weak ties work there and might be able to help you get a foot in the door.

That's the problem that Glassdoor is trying to solve. Glassdoor is a job search site that shows you all sorts of details -- like salaries, company reviews, interview questions, job listings and more. Thanks to a new feature, you can now sign in to Glassdoor via Facebook. When you do, Glassdoor shows how many friends -- and friends of friends -- you know who work at the company as well.

You can drill down by clicking on the connections tab to see a full list of contacts who are connected to you in some way on Facebook. From there, you can send messages to contacts of your choice for help, advice or information about the company or the role you're trying to get.

Here's a video summarizing how Glassdoor works:

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