Find Comparable Salaries in Your Industry for Free

Last Updated Jan 9, 2011 11:53 PM EST

Big companies have folks in their HR departments who sit around calculating compa-ratios on their gold plated adding machines so you know how much money to offer your prospective employees. Job hunters, for their part, have a slew of online resources they can check to see if your offer is in line with the competition. There's no reason for you to offer salaries in the dark; you can use the same tools as your job candidates to know how much you should offer. Courtesy of MakeUseOf, here are some great sites to bookmark in your salary folder:

Glassdoor is a career community site that features all manner of insider information from actual employees and former employees. You can get good intelligence here on your competitors, including the salary ranges they offer. is one of the most attractive career sites out there, designed to be an all-around career portal for job seekers. Here you can se the salary wizard to get an aggregated view of compensation packages for any selected career.

PayScale is a more focused site that helps job seekers compare their salary to industry standards and averages. This site lets you view salary ranges not just by job title, but also by location, education, and experience -- a great way to see if your salaries pass the sniff test for prospective employees.