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Find a Place to Work Away From the Office

If you're a freelancer, or just occasionally telework, then there are times when you might need a temporary office. Once again, the Internet to the rescue: Here's a site that can hook you up with a low-cost workspace with just a few clicks.

DesksNear.Me is a searchable database of workspaces you can rent for a day. Just enter a city, and the site will show you any nearby options. The site has a simple calendar interface to see which upcoming days there are available workspaces, and you can also see additional details such as the quality of the Internet access, whiteboard space, and nearby coffee shops and restaurants.

I sampled workspaces in a variety of cities, and the cost seems to average $10-$20 per day, depending upon the company hosting the space. Some even offer first-day-free services. [via Freelance Switch]

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