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Feel the rush of a rope swing jump off a canyon cliff

(CBS News) I'm sure like your blogger here, most of you have dreamed of attaching a rope swing to yourself and jumping off of a high cliff ledge. Wait, what's that? The thought has never occurred to you? Well, first off, don't do it. Seriously! But do experience the rush vicariously by clicking play on the video above. I'd highly recommend watching this one in high-definition if it's at all possible.

I mean... just wow! The extreme (and slightly insane) stunt was done by Shay Carl, and filmed by Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp), who has been featured on The Feed many times in the past, and who has managed to top his previous high-flying, rope swing adventure

A big triple-rainbow salute of fearlessness goes out to Devin and Shay from us here at The Feed for this latest work! I'm also going to include a behind-the-scenes look from the shoot below in case you're curious. And to check our more amazing work by Devin Grahambe sure to click here for some our previous posts on him or click here to go to his YouTube page.