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FBI investigating mysterious late-night booms reported in Pennsylvania

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- No one seems to know the source of the mysterious, late-night booms that have been reported in an area of Pennsylvania, CBS Philadelphia reports. A majority of the reported sounds have taken place between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

"It's like an explosion and of course, you know, it actually shakes your house," said Janice Crompton of Haycock Township. She and her daughter have heard the booms on two occasions.

Local police municipalities have been receiving reports of the sounds since early April, with the most recent one happening shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday, according to Springfield Township police.   

"I thought maybe somebody was making a tunnel, or space junk fell out of the sky," said Susan Crompton.

"It's a rumble. It actually, like, rumbles the ground like an earthquake would happen but with a loud like boom," she added.  

There has been no shortage of theories, but there are still no answers as to why so many residents have been jolted by the mysterious and near-deafening boom sounds, which CBS Philly says have been reported in Pennsylvania's Upper Bucks and Lehigh counties. 

"From poachers, gunfire, to explosions, to sonic booms," Jerry Hertz said about the mysterious sound.   

"I've been in the military. I've got experience with explosives. I was a Navy diver, and that was definitely not a gunshot," Hertz said. 

CBS Philadelphia confirmed that the FBI and Pennsylvania State Police are now investigating. Authorities are asking that those who notice anything odd call police immediately and not investigate on their own.

"It is imperative that we get the information as soon as possible in order to track these events," said police.

There have been no reported injuries from the loud explosions.

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