FBI counterterrorism agent under internal investigation after his weapon was stolen

An FBI counterterrorism supervisor is under internal investigation after he had his weapon stolen at a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, CBS News confirmed Thursday.

The New York Times said the theft occurred after the agent was out drinking and met a woman at a bar. The FBI is not disputing the story. 

The agent, Robert Manson, is not suspended while the internal investigation proceeds. He was at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte for a conference this summer when the theft was reported to the local police. Manson supervises terrorism cases in the Midwest and Carolinas.

A report by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police indicated that Manson had been incapacitated by alcohol and stated that the following items were stolen: a Rolex valued at $6,000, $60 cash and the FBI-issued Glock 27 valued at $500.

The theft was reported on July 10, the report said.