Fastest (And Slowest) Growing Online Advertising Properties

This story was written by Joseph Tartakoff.
In a report today, Cowen & Co. analyst Jim Friedland says he now expects online advertising sales to fall six percent in the United States this year, down from a previous estimate of negative three percent. His reasoning? Unsurprisingly, he cites poor performance at MySpace and display-advertising dependent internet portals during the first quarter.

To back that up, Friedland breaks down changes in online ad sales at 22 properties during the first quarter, compared to a year ago. The complete list, after the jump:

Facebook +70% +20%
WebMD +16%
*Google* worldwide +7%
*Google* U.S. search +4%
The Knot -1%
*CBS Interactive* (ex-CNET) -5%
*New York Times* properties -6%
Bankrate -9%
*AOL* search -12%
IAC/ search -12%
*Yahoo* U.S. display -13%
MySpace/FIM -16%
Microsoft -16%
*AOL* display -17%
*Gannett* U.S. newspapers -20%
CareerBuilder -27% -35% -37%
*IAC* display -37% -45%

By Joseph Tartakoff