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Fast and Easy Online Resumes

There are a slew of places to post your resume online. Do we actually need any more? Well, sure -- it would be great if there was a fast and easy resume generator. One you could use to bang out a resume without jumping through lots of hoops, where the format is totally up to you, and where it's easy to print or share the resume when you're done.

I've got such a site.

JobSpice is a sleek Web site with a single goal: building and sharing resumes. You can get started right away; there's no requirement to register or login at all. Every element in the resume is optional. You aren't required to include any traditional elements, so if you want to dispense with the objective (which we've recommended in the past), you can do that. Just click an element to add it to the resume, and start typing.

When the resume is completed, you can choose from among a small collection of templates. There are less than a dozen currently available, but they span a wide range of attractive and usable styles.

Whether you register or not, you can save your resume as a PDF and print or download it to your PC. If you want to share your resume online via a link, you'll need to register with the site, which is a free and fast process.

And when you sit down to hone your resume, I recommend you check out some of our recent resume advice to help you put your best foot forward:

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