Fashion Show For Fido

In honor of Pet Fashion Week, The Early Show had a special fashion show Friday, with seven pets and seven human models on a runway in the Plaza.

Viewers were invited to vote on their favorite designer and the one who came out on top, as announced Monday on The Early Show, was Grant Trick, a graduate student at Parson's who is majoring in Apparel Design.

All seven of the dogs in the fashion show are up for adoption from Animal Haven.

On hand Friday were Gregg R. Oehler, media director of Pet Fashion Week NY '06, and Alexa Cach, fashion director and partner for Pet Fashion Week NY '06. Oehler is executive director of and president of Oehler Media, Inc., a publishing, marketing and advertising firm. He has been a publishing executive for 30 years, and he has been involved in more than 50 magazine start-ups. Cach helped establish GWAND fashion week in Switzerland, which bills itself as the world's largest fashion festival. Over the past ten years, she has organized avant-garde and commercial shows in Europe and the United States.

To see the designs, click here. Some of the photos were taken by Daniel Gagnon for design au jus.

Here is information about the participating designers:

  • Margarita Alvarez
    Rhode Island School of Design
    Apparel Design Major

    Margarita has explored a lot of innovative material to use for her line, called "Relentless Pursuit of Self." She has chosen to create fabric from glue for her designs, both human and canine. Margarita says she believes that three-dimensional form should be as inspired as any two-dimensional art form.

  • Gina Faiola
    Emerson College
    Theatre & Costume Design Major

    Gina Faiola owns a company named Wasted.Knot which makes use of recycled garments to create unique, glamorous, versatile, durable urban couture. Gina's line is inspired by the scenario where dog owners are forced out of their houses before they have the chance to get fully ready, but their dogs are still dressed to the nines.

  • Jenna Leedy
    Rhode Island School of Design
    Apparel Design Major

    Jenna likes to make clothing that is comfortable, feminine, and fun to wear. Jenna has joined forces with Pet Fashion Week to gain experience with canine clothing, runway, and to also gain exposure.

  • David Napoli
    Fashion Institute of Technology
    Fashion Design Major

    Davey has created a line for Pet Fashion Week called Konichiwa Bitches. Davey creates his own line, Davey Makeout, where he makes clothes that are designed to be fun, funky, carefree and colorful. Davey hopes to attain exposure and knowledge of the pet industry through Pet Fashion Week.

  • Karen Rozenboim
    Fashion Institute of Technology
    Fashion Design Major

    Karen has sought to create a line of canine-friendly couture for pups who lunch, society pups and red carpet pups. She has taken inspiration for her line, "Haute Dog," from the Chanel tweed suit, the Givenchy little black dress, and the Pucci jumpsuit.

  • Grant Trick
    Graduate Student-Parson's
    Apparel Design Major

    Grant Trick is a graduate student at Parson's who is majoring in Apparel Design. Grant has an extensive resume, including textile design and visual merchandising. Grant has chosen to create a line that he feels epitomizes luxury. He aims to create glamour by using muted tones and elegant fabrication.

  • Ariel Williams
    Kansas City Art Institute
    Print Media Major

    Ariel Williams is a student who has created a dog line for Pet Fashion Week called Glitterati. Ariel seeks to become the next big dog fashion designer! She enjoys the fact that dogs are unisex upon sight, and that a mixing of details from both sexes can be used.