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Farrah's Heartwrenching Battle With Cancer

Actress Farrah Fawcett has been filming her long battle with anal cancer for more than three years. As the cancer worsened, however, she handed the camera over to her best friend, Alana Stewart, who continued to shoot Farrah's video diary.

"The Insider" recently sat down with Stewart to discuss Farrah's condition, and her experiences filming the documentary "Farrah's Story."

And Friday on The Early Show, "Insider" host Lara Spencer talked with co-anchor Harry Smith about Spencer's interview of Stewart.

Spencer says Stewart told her Fawcett, 62, is eating and isn't the shrinking violet that the tabloids portray her to be, but that weight is still an issue. Spencer added that Fawcett isn't receiving chemotherapy treatments anymore, but is still on anti-cancer medication.

"Alana says they're hoping for the miracle," Spencer said.

In the interview, Stewart says she doesn't have any idea how much time the "Charlie's Angel" star has left.

Doctors, she said, haven't given a timeline.

"...(Farrah) said to me many times during the last couple of years, she said, 'If there comes a period where I only have two months left to live, I want to know," ' Stewart told Spencer. "And so far, no one has said to her, 'You have two months to live,' so I am looking at that as a really good sign."

Fawcett has been fighting cancer for over three years, but refuses to let it get the best of her.

"I know that everyone will die eventually," she says, "but I do not want to die of this disease."

Stewart has been by her side for much of the filming, and has seen the highs and lows of the fight.

"She has never given up," Stewart told "The Insider." "What has gotten Farrah through is her faith and her inner strength and her sense of humor, which she still has."

As for Ryan O'Neal, whose romantic involvement with Fawcett has spanned three decades, he's been by her side.

"He walks in the room and she just lights up," Stewart said. "If he is not there, she asks for him, but he is there, he is staying with her all the time, and I think he is like her rock of Gibraltar."

O'Neal says he wants to marry Fawcett, but he says she's "hesistant."

"I'm working (on it), though," he told "The Insider." "I'm working. I'm working."

Stewart said that she thinks O'Neal would be overcome by the loss of Fawcett.

"Well, if and when it happens," Stewart said, "I think he will just be beyond devastated. I really do."

Although the documentary is finished, Stewart is still filming Fawcett's ongoing battlefight, and she told Spencer she'll continue to captrue it right up to the end.

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