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Fall's Best Back-to-School Fashions

Your kids either love back-to-school shopping or they hate it. Either way, "Early Show" Contributor Katrina Szish has the styles and trends you just can't miss this fall.

Szish says the main thing parents should keep in mind is that back-to-school isn't how you remember it.

"It's not prim and proper," she said. "We're not all tucked in, wearing Peter Pan collars. It's a lot more casual. Back-to-school has become more relaxed and casual and kids are doing a lot more to express their personal style."

This fall, Szish says on both boys and on girls, you're going to be seeing tons of layering. And then very fun accessories that bring everything to life.

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Szish shared these looks on "The Early Show":

So, this is the trendy group. They all kind of have an edgy look, a rocker look.

Leather's in. The first thing you notice about Mel (age 5) is this adorable motorcycle jacket (GUESS $65). Leather is very in. Even for young ages. We've paired it with another hot trend, the modified acid wash jeans (Children's Place, $30).

He's definitely going for a rocker look, but in a toned down way. There's this guitar-themed graphic shirt (Gymboree $25), which is a traditional button down but then is made "edgy" by adding graphic prints. And we love this graphic Vest (Children's Place $20). He's pairing it with Mini Boden skinny dark denim Jeans ($36).

Danielle is a full-on "Material Girl." Most of her outfit is by Madonna's daughter Lourdes, her line made specifically for Macy's. She's wearing a studded mini-skirt by Material Girl, $68, (anything embellished and plaid is hot right now) and a plaid jacket by Material Girl, $36, leather boots, $100, Olsenboye by Olsen Twins at JC Penney.

Layering is key here. He's wearing a tee-shirt then another shirt then a cardigan. Of course, he tops it all off with the season's ultimate trendy item, the Fedora (Bongo $10 at K-Mart). I also love the Onestar Laceless Oxfords he has on (Converse from Target $25) because it shows you can still be comfortable and trendy.

She's totally working the preppy trend and it looks adorable. We have her in a plaid dress (remember, plaid is SO in this season) by Ralph Lauren ($50). And then when it gets cooler, you can pair it with a super-cute Trench Coat, (Janie and Jack $59)

Puffer Vest, Gymboree ($33). Khaki Cargo Pants, Route 66 ($18).

I think the key to her outfit is that for someone that says they don't care, it's still possible to incorporate small bits of big trends. Military-inspired fashions are huge this season, so we have her in a chic but comfortable cardigan by Zara ($40). And then, although she may never wear a leopard dress or coat, she's accessorizing stylishly with this leopard print scarf ($13 at Old Navy). It really updates a rather basic outfit and she looks awesome.

Just because you have to wear a uniform doesn't mean you can't look amazing. Take Eboni, for example. We chose this great skirt by Johnnie B, but she could be wearing any school's skirt and shirt, because what we did was we updated her outfit with accessories.

We made it of the moment, almost like Gossip Girl style. She's wearing a Bow Belt (Zara $20) and a fantastic head band ($8 at Target). You can also update your look with things like handbags and shoes.
Bag (H&M $25). Kelsi Dagger from ($99).

And then for younger kids, like Sean, it's all about adding an unexpected pop of color. He looks great in this orange Hooded Sweatshirt from Old Navy ($17) and I just have to point out these Cole Haan shoes, that are so smart, and also so comfortable because Cole Haan makes a lot of their shoes using Nike Air technology ($64).

Clothing seen on "The Early Show":

Look One: "Trendy"

Guess biker jacket, $65,
The Children's Place modified acid wash, moto cross jeans, $29.50,
The Children's Place black pumps, $22.50,
Crewcuts ruffled top, $36,
Gap glittery lunch bag, $14.50,

Gymboree graphic shirt, $24.75,
The Children's Place rocker vest, $19.50,
Mini Boden straight leg jeans, $36.00,
Gymboree rocking out double sleeve tee, $16.75,
Adidas original gazelles, $65,
Gymboree guitar flame backpack, $24.75,

Material Girl pieces by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, exclusively for Macy's
Material Girl studded mini-skirt, $68,
Material Girl plaid jacket, $36,
Olsenboye leather boots by Olsen Twins, $100,
H&M beret, $7.95, at H&M stores
Decree leggings, $14,
Zara T shirt, $15.90, at Zara stores
Say What floral zip necklace (used as bracelet) $15,

Bongo Fedora, $9.99,
Converse One Star laceless oxfords, from $24.48,
Converse One Star rock tee, $12.99,
Fred Flare glasses, $11,
Polo Ralph Lauren slim straight stanton wash jeans, $75,
Polo Ralph Lauren zip up sweater, $98,
Polo Ralph Lauren plaid shirt, $98,

Look Two: "The Basics"

Ralph Lauren winslet tartan dress, $49.50,
Janie and Jack khaki canvas trench coat, $59,
Mini Boden ballet flats, $45,
Gap beret, 14.50,

Gymboree vest, $33,
Route 66 cargo pants, $17.99,
Mini Boden laundered shirt, $36,
Keds leather sneakers, from $60,
Vans Van Doren backpack, $40,
Volcom socks, $25 for 3,

Zara military cardigan, $40, at Zara stores
Old Navy leopard print scarf, $13,
Mossimo distressed tall buckle boots, $34.99,
Old Navy jeans, $29.50,
Zara bow top, $39.90, at Zara stores
Zara leather belt, $59.90, at Zara stores

Look Three: "Uniforms"

Johnnie B tartan skirt, $54,
Old Navy shirt, $14.50,
Say What floral stud earrings, $6.25,
Zara bow belt, $19.90, at Zara stores
Target bow head band, $7.99,
H&M bag, $24.95, at H&M stores
Kelsi Dagger flats, $98,

Old Navy graphic fleece zip hoodie, $16.50,
Sue Mills white short sleeve button down oxford with logo, $25,
Sue Mills vest, $28,
Cole Haan Air Paul Chukka, $64,

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