Fall Fashion 2003: Less Is More

A wounded man is treated after a roadside bomb attack near a market in the Shiite enclave of Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq, July 9, 2009.
AP Photo/Karim Kadim
We haven't even hit spring yet, but the fashion world is already looking at fall.

In Wednesday's "Christy's Corner," contributor Christy Ferer takes us to Fashion Week, where designers were already debuting their Fall 2003 collections.

Dozens of celebrities strutted their style at Fashion Week on both sides of the ocean, a welcome distraction during these war-torn-times. Even the president's daughter Barbara Bush showed up.

"People should do things that make them feel good. And I pray for peace," said Sharon Stone.

The 1960s school girl looks were all the rage on the runways. At DKNY, the uniform was preppy plaids and boyish blazers.

Celine and Chanel "stuck to the assignment," showing lots of tweed. At Anne Klein the homework was easy: buy a pleated skirt! But for those detention types...

American designer Michael Kors says, "Every good girl wants to be bad," and his line shows clothes that reflect it.

What better way to rebel than in something majorly mini? Kors paired oh-so-short skirts with the highest heel.

"I'm thinking of squeezing my bottom into one of those rubber skirts," noted No Doubt vocalist Gwen Stefani.

Rising Star, Zac Posen's clothes were also verticall -challenged.
Calvin, the king, hiked hemlines too, but styles were full and 'flouncy,' easier to wear, he says.

It's all about small this fal:Shrunken coats at BCBG. Also dipped in hot water and spun on high dry, Ralph Lauren's cropped jackets and skinny pants. Tight and tiny was a big theme at LLoyd Klein.

"Structured, very small shoulders, very small tight clothes," LLoyd Klein explained.

Color should make an appearance in every wardrobe. Christian Dior always high on drama made quite a splash with an Asian palette and pastel chiffons.

But back off from black after dark, try silver or something satin.

The slippery stuff was the signature for evening wear at Douglas Hannant. It was under layers of satin at Chanel. Even Valentino took a shine to the stuff a la 30s and 40s.

And of course, for you ski bunnies, it was a fur-fest at Celine and Valentino. Fuzzy and bold is the coolest way to combat the cold in next winter season.

"Fashion has to be entertaining. It's not just about what's practical and what functions; it has to do that, that's a given. But it's got to make you smile a little bit, rev you up... Make you feel sexy," Kors noted.

As for accessories, belts are big, especially anything with chains. Be sure to pair a piece of Lariat jewelry with one of your fall outfits and for the feet, boots, boots and more boots.