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Facebook users demanding answers after Aisha Khan found safe

Aisha Khan via Facebook

(CBS/KCTV) OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The search for missing Kansas college student Aisha Khan came to a close late on Wednesday after police reported the 19-year-old was found safe and had apparently not been abducted, but now some are demanding answers.

Hundreds of Facebook users are flocking to the page "Help Find Aisha Khan," created by Khan's family, demanding an explanation for the 5-day disappearance of the University of Kansas-Edwards student, and questioning the use of tax money and manpower for someone who apparently had never been in danger.

"Can the family or at least Aisha Khan please give us an explanation of what happened?" writes Ali Sharif. "Thousands of dollars of tax payers (sic) money was spent looking for her. I am happy that she is alive and well, however this whole drama requires an explanation, the family has to come clean on what really happened. And if I was the county, I would press charges on Aisha for fraud."

Others are concerned that the search for Khan detracted from other missing cases.

"Can we move on and focus on people who are actually missing and not faking their own disappearance!," Elizabeth Angel writes.

But not all of the over 30,000 Facebook followers of the Find Aisha page are angry after the 19-year-old's safe return.

"She wants to disappear. That's her right. She's an adult. You can't pass a law against that," said Matt Findley.

Jen Parker said Khan is obviously hurting and shouldn't face more public ridicule.

"She ran away for a reason. Why make her life any harder than it already is," Parker said.

Overland Park police refused Thursday to answer questions about the discovery that the missing Johnson County college student was found safe and had not been abducted, reports CBS affiliate KCTV.

"The most important fact for us all to remember is that she is safe," Police Chief John Douglass said. "Everything else is now a personal family matter and we respect their privacy."

The search for Aisha Khan, 19, who was last seen on the University of Kansas-Edwards campus last Friday, involved several law enforcement agencies.

Khan left a frightened-sounding voicemail for her sister Friday, saying she'd gotten into an altercation with a man on the campus where she'd been studying when he tried to kiss her. When Khan's sister arrived to pick her up, she found her Aisha's bookbag and cell phone abandoned.

Khan recently married and lives in Olathe with her husband.

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