"Facebook makes bail": Cops let jailed man post, friend shows up with $40 to free him

Facebook logo behind prison bars
Facebook logo behind prison bars

(CBS) BOSTON - Facebook helped a man behind bars connect with a friend on the outside, so he could get bailed out of jail, according to the Newburyport News.

How many of you like that?

Police in Beverly, Mass., say David White was one of five people arrested at a house party over the weekend, CBS Boston reported. When he couldn't reach anyone by phone for bail money, White asked if he could put out an alert on his Facebook page.

Police granted his request, and presto! Next thing you know, a friend showed up with the $40 to free Mr. White.

"We are only required to allow one phone call but when people are cooperative with us, we work with them, and that was the case here. Another good reason to own a smart phone," Beverly police wrote on their own Facebook page.

"Have to give credit to people who think outside the box," the police also said.

Beverly police say it's the first time they've had someone in their jail use Facebook to make bail.

Friends, indeed.