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"Facebook Detectives" track new Lisa Stone info

Tina Wiley, Tammye Markle and Joni Shannon are now known as "The Facebook Detectives." The three Dallas women have used the social media tool to find possible clues in the disappearance of their friend, Lisa Stone, who's been missing since June 2010.

The friends shared their story on "48 Hours Mystery" and, for the first time, got a chance to see the interview with Stone's girlfriend, Sherry Henry, the woman police have called a "person of interest" in the case. Henry hasn't been arrested or charged in Stone's disappearance.

Facebook pals join forces to find missing friend
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In the "48 Hours Mystery" report, Henry said, "I am not guilty of anything."

When pressed that no one but Henry has seen Lisa Stone alive since the weekend of June 5, 2010 and that it doesn't look good, Henry replied, "For Facebook friends to say that, I don't know where they're getting their information."

Correspondent Maureen Maher responded, "It's not the Facebook friends. It's the police. It's the neighbors. Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of Lisa Stone?"

Henry responded, "Absolutely not."

Maher asked, "Did you kill Lisa Stone?"

"Absolutely not," Henry said.

When asked about Lisa Stone's whereabouts, Henry said she doesn't know and would not speculate.

"I'm not going to speculate on that. I'm just not," she said. "Now, I may be at fault in how I handled the situation. But don't you dare come to me anymore and tell me that I haven't cooperated, or I'm a murderer."

On "The Early Show" Monday, Wiley and Markle, said they're not surprised by Henry's statements.

Wiley said, "She's denied everything from Day One. She's denied any knowledge of where Lisa might be. And she's refused to cooperate. The fact that she won't even state the last date she saw Lisa is very peculiar to me. And, I think, to most people. And there were no surprises there. I'm very disappointed. We think, at this point, she would be very concerned. It's been almost a year. You would think she would want to know where the person she claims that she still loves is."

Markle said she's bothered that Henry won't speculate about Stone's whereabouts.

"You know, to me, a guilty person would not speculate," she said. "You know, if she weren't guilty of something, she would have been assisting. She would have been helping from the very beginning. And we've had actually the opposite -- resistance."

But since the broadcast of their story, the Facebook Detectives have discovered some new information they shared on "The Early Show."

Wiley and Markle told "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge that, since the "48 Hours" aired, they've received some information from Henry's ex-husband's family.

Wiley said, "Well, I'm the one that spoke to her, and (I'm) really not ready to discuss it. (It's) just that we've been trying to do some background research on the ex-husband, who is now deceased. And so we just -- we want to follow through and find out the details of her history, of her past."

Facebook pals join forces to find missing friend

Both Wiley and Markle say they don't believe what Henry told "48 Hours."

Markle said, "We know for a fact that many of the things that she said are not correct."

"And," Wiley added, "even the things that we know for a fact happened, she's denying. And we have witnesses to every event."

Wragge noted the pair discovered some things the police didn't.

Markle said one of those items was Stone's purse.

She explained, "We found Lisa's purse and turned it over to her brother, who turned it over to the detectives. But it had been sitting in the house for a couple of months. So I would think that that's probably the biggest thing that was a surprise that they had not picked up on."

The Facebook friends also located a number of Stone's belongings that Joni Shannon -- one of the women investigating -- says, according to Wiley -- she saw Henry throwing into a dumpster one day.

"(Henry) denies that ever happened," Wiley said. "Although Joni is the one that found the items. I was on the phone with Joni, and I was also on another line with Tammye at the time that Joni found them. So there are two more witnesses. The store manager came outside, and assisted Joni later in removing the items, so there's another witness. Two other friends of ours went and helped Joni get all the items. A trunk-load of items, Lisa's personal belongings. Yet all of these witnesses are lying, supposedly, according to Sherry Henry."

"Joni actually saw her," Wiley continued. "And then the other witnesses, we can testify, I was on the phone with her, and Tammye, as well. And then the other witnesses saw the items in the dumpster afterwards and helped remove them."

Since the broadcast, the women have received, Markle said, an overwhelming response.

"We couldn't even keep up with the chat that was going on the '48 Hours' page on Facebook because we were getting so many requests. E-mails. I have to call my cell phone company to walk me through deleting so many e-mails out of my phone."

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