"Face the Nation" transcripts, July 22, 2012: Aurora mayor and police chief, mayor Bloomberg, PM Netanyahu


(CBS News) Below is a rush transcript of "Face the Nation" on July 22, 2012, hosted by CBS News Bob Schieffer. Guests include: Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates, Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also joined the program. A roundtable discussing the latest on the Colorado shooting includes CBS News correspondents John Miller, Bob Orr, Norah O'Donnell and John Dickerson.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Today on FACE THE NATION, we'll talk to Aurora police chief, Daniel Oates, in his first interview since the killings in Colorado and the discovery of the suspect's booby-trapped apartment.

DANIEL OATES (Aurora Police Chief): Make no mistake, okay, this apartment was designed and to kill whoever entered it. Who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and executed this horrific crime? It was going to be a police officer, and if you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Chief Oates will be with us this morning as we continue to report on the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, a crime that has so far left twelve dead and seventy wounded. Even after the arrest of James Holmes, questions remain--how and for what reason could all this have happened?

We'll also talk to Aurora Congressman, Ed Perlmutter; Aurora mayor, Steve Hogan; and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who says the presidential candidates must stop avoiding the subject of guns.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Where are they now and why don't they stand up and if they want our votes, they better?

BOB SCHIEFFER: We'll also bring in the CBS team covering this story, correspondents Barry Petersen, John Miller, and Bob Orr.

In London reports this morning that Israeli security forces are searching for an Iranian terror squad planning an attack on Israeli Olympic athletes. We'll get the latest on that from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Plus, analysis on all of the above from our own Norah O'Donnell and John Dickerson because this is FACE THE NATION.

ANNOUNCER: And now from CBS News in Washington, FACE THE NATION with Bob Schieffer.

BOB SCHIEFFER: And good morning, again, on a sad morning and welcome to our broadcast. Here's the latest from Aurora, Colorado.

This morning of the seventy people who were shot, twenty-six are still hospitalized, eleven of whom are still in critical condition. James Holmes is in solitary confinement, will be arraigned tomorrow. President Obama goes to Colorado later today. The lead investigator Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates is joining us this morning for his first interview since all of this happened.

Chief, thank you very much for taking the time to be with us. Can you first clear up this story that originated overnight that investigators were looking for some so-called person of interest. What was that all about?

DANIEL OATES: Sure. I'm not quite sure what the term person of interest means. We're interested in anyone who knew or had contact with the suspect, and this was a person who had contact with the suspect, a casual acquaintance. We found him yesterday. We interviewed him. The relationship was really inconsequential. And we're happy that we spoke to him but that's all that was. And as a responsible part of this investigation, we would be doing that with any of his acquaintances. So it's really an inconsequential matter.

BOB SCHIEFFER: As far as you know at this time, this involves only one person?

DANIEL OATES: All the evidence we have, every single indicator is that this was-- this is all Mister Holmes's activity and that he wasn't particularly aided by anyone else.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Bring us up to date on the very latest in this investigation.

DANIEL OATES: Well, you know there is so much-- it is so complex. We're-- we're focusing on how he got the materials that he got that were used in this shooting, that were used in the-- in the apartment. We're focusing on anyone who knew him and statements he may have made. We're building a case to show that this was a deliberative process by a very intelligent man who-- who wanted to do this. So it will take-- it will take quite a bit of time. I-- there are so many loose ends and we've been so busy dealing with the families and the aftermath of this and the apartment, and the dangers of the apartment, that I haven't even been briefed by my investigators on probably ninety percent of what they know. That kind of work will take place in the next couple of days. I'll be more up to speed but we're doing everything good.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Oh, go ahead. But I just wanted to say, can you tell us-- we have a report-- CBS News has learned that you may have recovered a Batman poster or something to that effect in his effects. Is that true?

DANIEL OATES: I don't know anything about that. I have not been briefed on what's inside the apartment. The-- the major concern in the apartment was-- was the weaponry or the explosives and all that material. That was all taken by the FBI yesterday and they're going to do all the forensics on that. And I have not yet been briefed on-- on what else we took out of the apartment. And-- and we wouldn't share that with the media at this time, anyway, whatever we took out of there.

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right. I want to bring-- Chief, I want to bring into this now our senior correspondent John Miller in New York. John.