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"Face the Nation" to feature new studio Sunday

Timelapse of the new "Face the Nation" studio construction
Timelapse of the new "Face the Nation" studio construction 01:17

Viewers will notice a new studio on "Face the Nation" this Sunday, one of several changes rolling out this weekend for the Washington, D.C.-based public affairs program.

Jack Morton Worldwide was contracted to design the over 1,700-square-foot studio for CBS News, which plans to use the multipurpose space for "Face the Nation" and other broadcasts, including "CBS This Morning" and the "CBS Evening News." Jack Morton Worldwide also designed new sets in New York for "Sunday Morning" and "CBS This Morning."

A look at the new "Face the Nation" studio 01:04

Design and construction of the new studio, located on the ground floor of the new CBS News Washington Bureau, began in early 2018. 

Set pieces were drafted and constructed in the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, then shipped to Washington, D.C. to be assembled.

The studio's design for "Face the Nation" continues to revolve around a familiar sight for the broadcast's audience: a large table across which guests and panelists will sit. The studio also features an additional area intended for focused, one-on-one conversations between the "Face the Nation" moderator and guest.

Diagram of the new "Face the Nation" set in Washington, D.C., as drafted by design firm Jack Morton Worldwide. CBS News

Hundreds of monitors now power some of the new studio's walls, as well as several set pieces. For example, 77 monitors make up the new video wall behind moderator Margaret Brennan.

"Next week we'll be in a new location, right next door in our brand new CBS News Washington bureau," Margaret Brennan said this past Sunday on "Face the Nation."

"We'll have a different look, different feel, different sound, but our tradition won't change," Brennan added.

"Face the Nation" will debut a new studio, graphic look, and theme song this Sunday on CBS. Click here to check your local listings.

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