Face in the news: Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor and Mitt Romney supporter Chris Christie is known for being a straight-talker and his appearance on Sundays Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer was no exception.

During the interview, Schieffer asked Christie a range of questions about the Republican presidential race. Christie, who had briefly considered running for president himself, is now a vocal supporter of Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney. But on Sundays broadcast, he conceded that the path to the nomination isn't going to be easy for Governor Romney.

"I don't think anybody's a shoo-in," Christie told Schieffer. "I think our primary voters are shopping. They want to make sure they pick the very best person to give the president the very best race, and they're not settled on it yet."

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In the papers Monday, it was Christie's comments on the Republican convention that garnered the most attention. "Is there a possibility, if Governor Romney would lose Michigan, for a contested election? Contested convention? Sure," Christie told Schieffer during Sundays interview. (Read more from the Los Angeles Times, the Detroit Free Press, and The Star-Ledger)

Schieffer's own commentary on the Republican convention made a little news as well. At the end of the broadcast, he ventured this guess: "if Republicans get to their convention with no nominee, I predict they'll pick someone other than those in the current field. Why? Because if we've learned anything from this race, it's that Republicans have a red-hot, burning fervor to beat Barack Obama. But it is a fervor they have not yet matched for any of their current candidates." (Read more from Politico)

Schieffer: What if GOP picks "None of the Above"?

Also in the headlines: Schieffer asked Christie if he would consider being Romney's Vice President, and Christie's answer left the door wide open for a Vice Presidential run: "If Governor Romney were to come and talk to me about it, Id listen," Christie said Sunday. (Read more from National Journal and New York Post).

Plus, Christie came to Governor Romney's defense when Bob asked about the candidates struggle to connect with middle class Americans. "Listen, the cats out of the bag, Bob, on the fact that Governor Romney's wealthy. I mean, so he has a number of cars. Many people who've made a lot of money over time do," he said Sunday. (Read more from Bloomberg Businessweek)

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