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Fabio steps in as new Old Spice Guy

Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa. Getty Images/CBS

(CBS/AP) - An Italian model with famous long, blonde tresses is trying to rain on Isaiah Mustafa's parade as the Old Spice Guy

Fabio, whose image has launched a few hundred romance novels, is starring in four new commercials for Proctor & Gamble Co.'s brand of men's body wash and deodorant.

[Watch one of the ads below]

In one video, he tells a knock-knock joke and bursts through a poster of Mustafa, the former football player whose shirtless charm brought the world's largest consumer product maker and advertiser a big hit.

"Unbelievable power!" he says while holding a makeshift lightning bolt. "New Old Spice guy Fabio."

Behind Fabio's role is Wieden+Kennedy, the Portland, Oregon-based ad agency that helped create Mustafa's "Smell Like A Man, Man" campaign, an online and social media sensation last year.

P&G spokesman Mike Norton says Fabio's Old Spice TV commercials are running now, but Mustafa will be back to pitch for the brand.

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