Eye-to-eye with giant blue whale

Two kayakers had an up-close encounter of the Southern California coast with the largest animal on Earth.

Paddling off Redondo Beach, south of Los Angeles, they got an amazing close-up view of a blue whale.

Rick Coleman even plunged into the water for a face-to-face meeting -- and brought bring back video to prove it.

Susan Coleman recalled, "He was so close, and I was kinda all excited, and, y'know, it gets your heart rate pumping!

"And the fin came up close to the kayak, and my first thing was like, 'Oh, Rick!' And I didn't scream out, but that was my first thought - 'Oh my gosh, I hope he didn't get hit."'

The 50-foot-long whale didn't hit him but, or an unforgettable moment, the man and the graceful giant were eye-to-eye.