Exclusive: Craigslist Victim Speaks Out

Boston Robbery Victim Trisha Leffler Tells 48 Hours About Encounter At Boston Hotel

QUESTION: You didn't feel like you were in danger immediately with him?

LEFFLER: Not immediately, no.

QUESTION: Tell me a little bit about. Tell me why you didn't feel like you were in danger?

LEFFLER: 'Cause, I mean, he looked regular to me. It - he didn't look like he had any other tendencies, other than just spend a little time and leave.

QUESTION: So, what does he say to you when he comes to meet?

LEFFLER: I just said, "Hi." He said, "Hi." And I said - I just motioned to him to follow me. And 'cause I really don't want to talk out in the hallway and, you know, whatnot. So, we went into the room. And as soon as I had closed the door, I had turned around, and he was standing just inside the door. And he pulled out the - when I turned around and looked at him, that's when he pulled out the gun.

QUESTION: What was going through your mind?

LEFFLER: I was a little nervous. Like, I immediately started shaking. Like, my heart started beatin' real fast. I started shaking.

QUESTION: What did he say to you?

LEFFLER: Told me to lie down on the ground.

QUESTION: What did you think was going to happen?

LEFFLER: I wasn't sure at that point.

QUESTION: What did he - what was he saying to you?

LEFFLER: He - he just told me to lay down, and I - I did. And then - he put the gun back in his pocket, once I laid down and stepped behind me. And he kneeled on the ground with one knee in the middle in between my legs, and told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did. And then - he tied me up one - one hand at a time.

QUESTION: And what is he saying to you?

LEFFLER: I was basically saying, you know, "You don't have to do all this. You don't - you don't have to tie me up. You know, I'll give you whatever you want. You don't have to tie me up." And he basically told me, "If you just be quiet, you know, no harm's gonna come to you."

QUESTION: Is he telling you he wants something at this point from you?

LEFFLER: No. As soon as he tied me up, he stepped back in front of me, and pulled out some black leather gloves, and put the black leather gloves on. And then, he asked me where my money was.

QUESTION: And what do you do? Do you - what do you - what are the instructions at that point?

LEFFLER: I told him they were in - in the - in my purse. And he walked over to - there was a desk in the room. I had my makeup case on the desk. And he picked it up. He says, "In here." I said, "No. My purse is in the top drawer of the entertainment center." And that's when he walked over and took the purse out of the entertainment center.

QUESTION: And he just took it? Took everything?

LEFFLER: No. He opened up my purse, and immediately went for the money. Took out the money, and put it in his pocket. And then, he knelt down on the floor, and was like kind of rifling through my purse and stuff. And he took out my wallet, and started going through my wallet. Like, taking each credit card out, asking me what kind of credit cards they were. I told him they were prepaid, there was no money on 'em.

Then he took out my bank card. He asked me what my pin number was on my bank card, and at that time, my adrenaline was rushing so much, I couldn't think of a lie. So, I gave him the pin number. He told me that, "That'd better be the pin number or I was gonna - there was gonna be a problem later." Whatever that meant. And then, after he took all the credit cards out and put them in his pocket, he then took my whole wallet and shoved it in his pocket. And then, at that moment, I realized that my ID was in the wallet. And I asked him if he could please leave me my ID so I could get home.

And he took it out and studied it for a good minute like he was memorizing my address. And then threw it down with all the rest of the stuff. And then, because I told him that the credit cards were pre-paid credit cards, I asked him if he could please leave me at least one of the credit cards, so I could also get home with, you know, with a credit card. And he said, "I thought you said there wasn't any money on 'em."

I said, "There's not. But I can have people, you know, put money on it so I can get home." He asked me which one I wanted - he wanted me to leave - or him to leave. And I said, "The one ending..." I gave him the one ending in - 7-6-4-9. Obviously, that was the one that he took, 'cause I think he thought there was money on there, 'cause that was the one that I pointed out. So, he gave me another one. And he threw that down, too. And then he had also picked up my camera at this point, and asked if there was - if this was my camera, and I said, "Yeah." But he had thrown that down at the time. He didn't take it right then.

QUESTION: Did he eventually take that?

LEFFLER: Yeah, he did. I didn't realize 'til about a day later.

QUESTION: Are you crying at this point? Are you -

LEFFLER: No, I mean, I'm still shaking, I'm still nervous. His demeanor's very - really was actually very calm. Like he had done it before. I mean, I'm not making presumptions. But he was actually very calm. He basically knew what to look for, that kind of stuff.

QUESTION: And you're as calm as you can be, considering?

LEFFLER: Yeah. At this point, I had asked him if I could sit up. So, I was actually sitting on the floor, with my hands tied behind my back.