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"Epic trust fall fail" is exactly what it sounds like

(CBS News) Your blogger here has trust issues. No, not in the relationship sense, I'm fine in that arena. But in the sense that I am not inclined to ever do a "trust fall". Do I understand the idea? Of course. But I've also seen way too instances where it goes wrong. This is one of those times.

The caught-on-tape, funny family moment aptly titled "Epic trust fall fail"was posted back in January by YouTube user 5starsofstupid who writes about it:

Warn us all you want mom, but some things have to be learned the hard way.... and come on he's not falling from that high

I will note that in this case, it was the person doing the trusting and falling that came out okay in the end. So there's that.  Still, I think I'm totally fine having trust issues about the "trust fall".
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