Entertainment buzz: Facebook's top 10 moments of the week

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj heated things up this week with the release of their new videos. And things got a bit chilly with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze.

Plus, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are getting us pumped for Monday's Primetime Emmy Awards.

Facebook has tallied the top 10 buzziest stories in entertainment this week, and all of those topics made the most-talked-about list. What had you talking? See what you missed in this exclusive list on CBSNews.com.

1. Charlie Sheen participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a unique way

OK, so you've seen one Ice Bucket Challenge video, then you've seen them all, right? Not quite. In this case, Sheen accepts the challenge -- but puts a nice twist on it. He also nominates his former "Two and a Half Men" co-stars. Nice one. Guess he's still winning.

2. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul team up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in hilarious Emmy promo

We've been dreaming of seeing Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul together on screen -- but we couldn't have imagined this.

The "Breaking Bad" co-stars pulled off their best sleazy pawn shop owner character impressions for this hilarious Emmy Awards promo, leading up to Monday's awards show. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus' appearance is just the icing...

3. Holderness family does back-to-school-themed parody of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" music video

"Baby Got Back" is really experiencing a resurgence. Earlier this year, "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" did a mash-up of the track using clips from Brian Williams' news broadcasts. And in June, Sir Mix-A-Lot performed the '90s hit with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Plus, we now have Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" single, which samples the 1992 classic rap track.

And now there's this: Our favorite viral video-making family does their own creative rendition of the song just in time for the new school year.

3. Taylor Swift tests out her dance moves in music video for "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift further cemented her place in the pop world with this week's release of "Shake It Off." The new single will appear on Swift's upcoming album, "1989," due out Oct. 27.

"We made the most sonically cohesive album I've ever made," she said of "1989."

The move doesn't come as a big shock as Swift has been shifting away from the country sound over the last couple of years, releasing singles with a pop music flavor. Country fans everywhere have been bracing for this for years.

She shows off her dance skills in the "Shake It Off" video. They're definitely better than the moves we've seen her do at awards shows. See below:

4. David Letterman remembers Robin Williams on "The Late Show"

Back from summer hiatus, David Letterman took time out (10 whole minutes in fact) to remember his good friend, the late Robin Williams. In a moving tribute on CBS' "Late Show," Letterman said, "Beyond being a very talented man, and a good friend, and a gentleman, I'm sorry, like everybody else, I had no idea that the man was in pain, that the man was suffering. What a guy, Robin Williams."

5. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters spoof scene from "Carrie" in their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters sure got our attention with their version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -- a spoof on the movie "Carrie." In the classic horror film, Carrie gets soaked with pig's blood. You can guess what the Foo Fighters got drenched with.

6. Jon Oliver discusses the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and police militarization on "Last Week Tonight"

John Oliver spent a lot of time on Wednesday's edition of "Last Week Tonight" focusing on the ongoing issues in Ferguson, Missouri -- criticizing the police department's handling of the events surrounding the shooting of an unarmed teenager. Watch his take on how the events have unfolded:

7. Nicki Minaj releases music video for "Anaconda" featuring a cameo by Drake

We saw a lot of Nicki Minaj in her new "Anaconda" video. The clip, unleashed at midnight on Wednesday, took the social media world by storm. By Wednesday afternoon, the video received nearly 5 million YouTube hits. The twerk-heavy, sexual, racy -- and very NSFW music video -- has garnered praise from some fans, while others are left scratching their heads. Oh...and we don't even know what to say about that Drake lap dance.

Minaj will perform at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. We can't wait to see what she does there.

8. Kevin Hart announces he's engaged as his ex-wife's reality show "Atlanta Exes" debuts on VH1

Actor Kevin Hart and model Eniko Parrish are gearing up to walk down the aisle. Hart revealed this week that he had popped the question, writing on Facebook: "She said YEEEEESSSSS...... #Happy #MyRib #iF--kingLoveHer"

The timing on this one is interesting. While he proposed, his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, saw the debut of her VH1 reality show, "Atlanta Exes." Torrei doesn't seem to mind thought -- if nothing else, the engagement buzz will likely help promote her new series.

9. Ben Affleck participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with some help from wife, Jennifer Garner

One of the best parts of celebrities' ALS Ice Bucket Challenges is getting to see some of our favorite stars in their natural elements. Here we have Ben Affleck accepting the challenge -- with a little help from his beautiful wife Jennifer Garner. If you haven't seen it already, it's worth a look. When was the last time you tossed someone in the pool fully clothed?

10. Rumor claims that actor Ron Palillo of "Welcome Back, Kotter" died -- but he's been dead for 2 years

Seems not many people remembered that Ron Palillo of "Welcome Back, Kotter" fame died two years ago. The actor died Aug. 14, 2012 at age 63, but there were a flurry of social media posts this week with people commenting on the news as if his death just happened. Social sites were filled with new rest in peace messages.

Oh the crazy Internet.

*Buzz rankings reflect the top entertainment topics being discussed on Facebook, Aug. 17-20, in the United States. Rankings are based on both frequency and momentum: the Facebook conversations that not only got a lot of buzz during the week, but also saw a notable increase compared with the previous week.