Emergency aboard Delta flight: Plane fills with smoke, passengers rushed to exits

Passenger jet fills with smoke, passengers ru... 01:19

Investigators are trying to figure out why a passenger jet filled with smoke as it touched down in California Wednesday night.

The pilot of the Delta regional flight from Los Angeles to Oakland stopped the plane abruptly.

Just minutes after landing at Oakland International Airport, smoke began filling the cabin.

Frantic crew members instructed the 75 passengers on board to quickly exit the plane and leave their belongings behind.

Linton Johnson, one of the passengers, said the air became hazy once the flight touched down. "By the time we got to the gate, the cabin started filling up," he said. "It smelled like burnt rubber."

The Delta captain deployed the stairs short of the jet way, so passengers could make an emergency exit.

Johnson said, "The pilot just merely put the plane to a stop, just really came to a jolting stop, and the flight attendants were telling everyone to get off the plane, 'Get off, get off the plane. Leave your stuff behind. Get off the plane'."

Investigators found no sign of a fire, and are still investigating the cause of mysterious smoke. There were no reports of any injuries.