Elyse Porterfield, Steven Slater, Scott Pilgrim, and Ramadan: Shira Lazar's Trend Report


1.) Elyse Porterfield:

(Credit: TheChive.com)

Otherwise known as HOPA, the latest Internet meme is a hoax! Surprise surprise. CLICK HERE to meet the girl behind the whiteboard.

2.) Steven Slater:

Last night, Jimmy Fallon performed his Slater Ballad with a cameo by Perez Hilton playing the one and only Jet Blue flight attendant.

Of course, my favorite Taiwanese animators created yet another great re-enactment of the incident:

3.) Scott Pilgrim:

Actor Michael Cera is back starring in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," being released August 13th. The movie is a fantasy/sci-fi movie in which a boy takes on the girl of his dreams' ex's in order to win over her heart. Cera and co-star Jason Schwartzmann took over the Good Day Atlanta weather broadcast while promoting their film. While they shouldn't quit their day job, this is pretty funny stuff:

4.) Ramadan:

Starting today, more than one billion Muslims will observe the holy month of Ramadan, characterized by praying and fasting. In the midst of the celebration, many continue to be upset over a mosque being built on Ground Zero in New York City. Leave it to The Daily Show's John Stewart to take on all the network talking heads on the subject in this segment from last night's show:

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5.) Google + Verizon = Continuing hot topic:

(Credit: asktheadmin.com)

Is Google going against their motto, "Don't Be Evil?" On Monday, they revealed a new pact with Verizon to allow content to flow faster on their network. This would hypothetically create a certain control over the Internet and what users can and can't access. It's an agreement that many are agreeing goes against net neutrality, which they always supported.

Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of The Googlization of Everything (and why we should worry) gives some great commentary about the subject in THIS POST.