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Elon Musk says he "supposedly" has COVID again, but few symptoms

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted early Monday that he "supposedly" has COVID-19, but  is experiencing "almost no symptoms." This is the second time Musk has publicly announced contracting COVID since November 2020.

Apparently referring to COVID-19 variants, Musk said, "Covid-19 is the virus of Theseus. How many gene changes before it's not Covid-19 anymore? I supposedly have it again (sigh), but almost no symptoms."

In the past, the tech billionaire generally regarded as the world's richest person has opposed requiring a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and has raised doubts about mandating the vaccine.

In a December 2021 interview in TIME magazine, Musk said he and his children have been immunized and "the science is unequivocal," but that he opposes vaccine mandates.

"You are taking a risk, but people do risky things all the time," Musk said about those who choose to stay unvaccinated.

Musk clarified his stand on vaccines last April after being denounced by scientists and health experts for his statements about COVID-19. He tweeted, "to be clear, I do support vaccines in general and COVID vaccines in particular."

Earlier this year, Musk commended truckers protesting a government vaccine mandate being rolled out across Canada. Parts of Ottawa were shut down by trucks blocking major roads and by demonstrators on the streets.

Musk posted a photo of a long line of trucks and tweeted, "if you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny."

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