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Elizabeth Warren unleashes tweetstorm on Trump, Pence, GOP platform

Clinton, Warren vs. Trump
Clinton, Warren vs. Trump 03:43

Elizabeth Warren has gone on a Twitter rampage against Donald Trump this weekend--on Saturday morning, she started with a response to his vice presidential pick, Mike Pence, whom she referred to as a "perfect match" for Trump: "Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country."

She also referred to Pence's legislation on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was seen as a measure that would discriminate against LGBT citizens. He signed a revised version later that would ban such discrimination.

She attacked the Republican platform, too -- "The @GOP platform says overturn marriage equality & it supports parents putting their LGBT children through conversion therapy. Disgusting," she tweeted.

Trump tweeted at Warren Sunday morning, accusing her of lying about her heritage, and he said she'd be nothing without that lie.

He dared Clinton to pick her as her running mate.

That spurred a renewed tweetstorm from Warren.

She pointed to media stories on developments in the various Trump U lawsuits against the presumptive GOP nominee, like this one.

Late Sunday morning, she concluded, "You're nothing but a thin-skinned bully and a lousy, cheating businessman."

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