Elizabeth Moreau (PICTURES): Police Say ESPN Reporter Victim of Hotel Room Prank

Elizabeth Moreau (tvvideoresumes.com)

NEW YORK (CBS) Police say ESPN reporter Elizabeth Moreau wrecked her Florida hotel room - smashing the window with a toilet lid cover - after being told over the phone that the hotel was on fire, according to reports.

PICTURES: Elizabeth Moreau

According to the police report obtained by website The Smoking Gun, the 27-year-old ESPNU correspondent, staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Gainesville, was directed by an anonymous male caller from her hotel room phone to shove towels under her front door and use the porcelain toilet lid to break the room's window.

According to the report by the Gainesville Police Department, "She then went to the window and used it to break out the window. The window was broken and the toilet lid broke upon falling to the ground outside."

Moreau told police she started becoming suspicious when the caller made rude comments to her and then told her, "That's what she gets for being a bad ex-wife."

The Smoking Gun reports that the prank could possibly be the work of Pranknet, an internet prank calling virtual community known for similar stunts.

The hotel's front desk clerk told police he "received the call from a male subject who asked to be transferred to his wife in room 208."

Moreau was in Gainesville to cover a University of Florida women's volleyball match.