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Elizabeth Lambert: College Soccer Player Turns NCAA Playoff Game Into Hand-to-Hand "Combat"

Photo: Elizabeth Lambert.

NEW YORK (CBS) It's not extreme fighting... It's not boxing... It's not even hockey. But a women's college soccer game offered its own brand of "combat" of a not-very-sporting kind.

VIDEO: Elizabeth Lambert Makes a Mark (

In an NCAA west conference semi-final game, Elizabeth Lambert of the University of New Mexico had some physical run-ins with opposing players from Brigham Young University, leading some to question if Lambert's actions crossed the line.

The video of Lambert's actions was shown by ESPN, and in perhaps the most arresting incident she blatantly pulled the hair of a BYU player, snapping her head back in the process.

Just a game?

BYU did win 1-0 to advance to the finals. The season is over for Lambert's New Mexico squad, but probably not the post-game trash talking.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Is Elizabeth Lambert guilty of more than just bad sportsmanship?

VIDEO: Elizabeth Lambert Makes a Mark (

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